Monday, 15 May 2017

Dear Posey...

My big love, my girl our little P,

Since you were 2 years and 5 months old you have been dancing with the Ballerina Bears at the JC Dance Academy.  My oh my how you have changed over that time.  I remember taking you for your very first class.  You were so excited but when we arrived you clung to me and would not let me leave you.  It took a few months before you would go in alone but starting nursery helped with that.  Since then every Saturday morning you and I head out to ballet (this is in no way relaxed, always in a rush) leaving Daddy and Lochlann to play at home.  You bounce off into ballet and I have a cup of tea watching you on the TV screen from the parent's room next door.  My favourite part is the end of the class when I come in to collect you and see your beaming face as I enter the room.  Ballerina bears is such a lovely class and I hope it will be something you remember enjoying when you were little. 

This weekend was more special than usual.  It was the JC Dance Academy show... your first ever ballet show.  You have been excited about this for weeks as you were dancing to, 'tale as old as time' from Beauty and the Beast.  I took you to rehearsals and we had talked about the fact there was going to be a stage and you'd be dancing somewhere new.  I had packed you a lunch and your ballerina colouring book.  I dropped you off with Freya (one of your dance teachers), waved goodbye and promised you that when I came back to see your show I would bring Mamar, Grandad, Nanna, Daddy and Lochlann back with me.  I held the tears all the way back to the car and then literally sobbed my heart out.  I was so nervous for you even though you were so brave.  I mean even as a I type this I have a lump in my throat.  Emotions are always getting the better of me! I'd blame motherhood and sleep deprivation but I think I have always been a bit of an emotional wreck! Lol. 

At 2pm the show started, the Ballerina Bears were announced, the familiar music started onto stage you came! Oh Posey it was just the sweetest thing, you were alittle bewildered at first as where lots of the other little ballerinas around you but you soon figured out your surroundings and joined in with the cutest routine you ever did see! I of course, balled like a baby! Your little brother stood eagerly on my knees watching you, shouting your name. Your daddy and I literally burst with pride. We could not be prouder of you we honestly couldn't.  

Well done little girl, you are already far braver than you mama ever has been.  We love you so much and cannot wait to let you watch your performance on the dvd we ordered. Super proud of you P, our little ballerina.

Love you to the moon and back & even in the morning when the sun comes up. 

Mama xx

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