Monday, 15 May 2017

Working on me

Recently I have been feeling really crap about myself.  I have never been overly confident but recently every little thing I don't love about myself seems to have intensified.  Some days I really dislike myself which is hard for me because I try desperately to hide it from the people around me and especially from my children because I don't want them to see their mama sad.  It is also hard for my husband as he tries so hard to make me feel better so it frustrates me when he feels like nothing he says reaches me.

So although it is not going to be an overnight change I feel like I need set myself little things that I want to do to make me feel better about me.  To give me chance to sort myself out just a little so that I can be a little more comfortable in my skin and I can therefore be a better teacher, wife and most importantly a better mama,

So here are the things I plan on focusing on (the theory being, if I write it on here then I might stick to it).

Here goes...

1. Drink more water

2. Go to bed no later than 10:30pm

3. Complete a Joe Wicks workout at least 3 times a week

4. Spend one night a week doing small things just for me (bath time, reading books, painting nails).

5. Spend less time in the mirror judging myself!

So there we have it 5 things I am going to work on.  What kind of things do you do for yourself when you are trying to make yourself feel better or feel more confident in your own skin?  Let me know.

Love to all the mamas, teachers and wives trying their very best out there!

Thanks for stopping by.

Lots of love. xx


  1. Can so relate to this! Me and three pals have just signed up to Yoga, a little time for just us, chilling. Xxx

    1. That is such a good idea! I tried yoga once and I definitely thought about nothing else but what I was doing in that moment... Enjoy! :) xxx