Monday, 29 May 2017

My Two #5

Half term has rolled around again which hopefully means I will have a little more time to update my blog.  I love having this little slice of the internet, I just wish I had more time to work on it and I wish I knew what I was doing... I am not brilliant at the whole technology thing.

Anyway here are some some little words about my two littles. 


Posey is almost three and a half years old.  I know it is a cliche but where on earth does the time go? When we move to Abu Dhabi will we be prepping her for starting school, I just can't get my head around it.  For so long I have been used to having two 'babies' as we had our two so close together but now I realise in reality I have an actual child,a proper little girl with her own thoughts and feisty little temper!  The threenager stage is still very much a reality for us over here but I know she is just testing the boundaries and that is ok. I need to remember to breathe and not let it get the better of me.  Despite this stage, she is sweet and kind.  She dotes for her little brother and although he drives her crazy at times she is fiercely protective over him.  
She doing really well at preschool and has recently been introduced to phonics.  She is desperate to be able to read all by herself! Slow down little one, you may be the eldest but you will always be our little girl. 


Lochlann is almost 2 and a half years old. He is as cheeky as ever and thinks everything is ridiculously funny at the minute.  We have tried potty training a couple of times but after a poop in the garden without him even realising he'd done it we have decided he is just not quite ready yet, bless him.  In other news though his sleep is improving again and hes now had the side taken off his cot (emotional day for this mama I can tell you).  He is doing so well with that and is yet to fall out or scream at the gate on his door, although I bet I have jinxed that one now!  He is still very much a home loving boy, whenever we are out no matter how much fun he is having it's not long before he is asking when are we going home.  He just loves being at home with the three people he knows and loves the most.  It is just so sweet, he isn't quite as independent as his sister.  He likes being close to his mama and I am still flavour of the month, which in honesty I absolutely love... except for at 6am when I am the only one that he will let change his nappy! I do worry about our little boy and how he will cope with our move to Abu Dhabi.  In my heart I know he will struggle more.  I guess we just gotta keep that in mind and be patient with him.  He is a gentle soul and is still only 2 years old, after all.

Despite the ups and down and the constant guilt of being a full time working mama, these two littles have changed my world.  I honestly feel like before them and their daddy, my life was a little empty and I was never sure what my purpose was.  Now I know, I am here for them.  To be their mother, to learn and grow with them. With the events that have gone on in Manchester this week I cannot begin to describe how much I love them and how incredibly grateful I am to the universe for my two beautiful, healthy and most importantly safe children. The world around me has seemed blurred this as my only focus was these two little people that inspired this blog, I have wanted to stay home, safe with them in our house in Warrington but my I am still a teacher with a job to do and that job seemed all the more important this week. Especially as I teach in Manchester itself.  My thoughts constantly wander to the parents involved in the atrocity on Monday night.  I cannot imagine the depths of their despair and I cannot help worrying somewhat about the world our children are growing up in.  But what I do now is that children as resilient, they are strong and they can surprise us all.  

P & L, be strong, love hard and be forever grateful for your safety and your happiness. 

Lots of love from mummy xxxx 

Thanks for stopping by, 

Holly xx

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