Tuesday, 16 May 2017

When you go down to the woods...

Last Sunday we woke up to beautiful sunshine and I was determined to get us all out to enjoy it.  So after breakfast Sam and I had a quick tidy up and packed a little picnic whilst the littles watched Beauty and the Beast (again),  Eventually we were all ready to go we bundled everyone into the car and headed to Delamere Forest which isn't too far from us and is lovely for a cheap day out in the fresh air!

When we arrived it was really busy, of course it was, the sun was actually shining.  This didn't phase us though.  We parked up and found a spot in the daisies to eat our humble little picnic.  I watched P & L play together and pick a daisy or two for their mama which was just lovely.

Then we headed off for our adventure (as the littles called it) through the forest.  I hadn't actually realised but Delamere has a Gruffalo trail. P was very excited about this where as L was a little scared, bless him.  He is a little more sensitive than his big sister.  Posey loved searching for the next clue or picture of a character. Lochlann stayed closer but was happy to join in when having a cuddle with his daddy.

Both littles loved looking at all the little dens other families had built and they even had a little go at it themselves.  P bossed her little brother about and he soon got distracted looking out for trains on the nearby tracks but it was still pretty lovely all the same.  There really is something special about just standing back and watching your family in the great outdoors.  The trees surrounding us, the sun shining through and the three greatest loves of my life running round like fools playing together in the forest.  A memory I hope to keep alive for a very long time.

We walked until our legs were tired and then we headed back to the car in search of ice cream.

A simple day.  A day in the fresh air.  The best family day we've had in quite a while.
We love you Delamere.

Thanks for stopping by.

Lots of love xx.

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