Monday, 8 May 2017

My Two #4

Still not managing to keep this a weekly thing! But anyway here we go...

Little P's character is developing at such a fast rate at the moment and over the holidays she tested the boundaries and my patience quite a lot at times.  The word, 'threenager' springs to mind once again in this post but honestly I wouldn't have her any other way.  I know that it is normal to test me and for her to explore her own identity... even if she tells me on numerous occasions that I am a, 'naughty mummy.'   Something that was really lovely this week was that one of the sweet girls that works at Posey's preschool pulled me aside to tell me how wonderfully bright Posey is and that she had been making the girls laugh all day long! It is such a proud moment when you hear that your little girl brings joy to other people.  Princesses are becoming a strong interest for this little girl.  Ariel is the new fascination although Belle remains the firm favourite. Posey thoroughly enjoys belting out a line of, 'Tale as old as time' or 'Be our guest!'

Little Lochlann is finally feeling better after Scarlet fever and it is so refreshing to have my sweet boy back.  Although as I write that the first thing that springs to me to write about him is the fact he is obsessed with saying poo poo and wee wee.  If he is mad then you're a poo poo, if he's excited everything is poo poo and wee wee! Apparently this sort of conversational language is pretty hilarious when you are a two year old boy! We are on the cusp on attempting potty training with him again.  Last time didn't go so well but I am hoping he will be more cooperative this time.  Whilst we were away in Ireland we had the opportunity to take P & L swimming a couple of times and it was brilliant to see that Lochlann's fear seems to have disappeared.  He is now rearing to get into the water and thoroughly enjoyed a good splash about! This makes me happy as we are certainly hoping fr lots more fun in the water when we move over the Abu Dhabi in August.  Should also mention the fact this boy has me wrapped around his little finger and everytime he says, 'I need a cuddle Mama' my heart literally melts and I become a soppy idiot... even at 3am! Nice work Lochlann.

Another lot of ordinary moments documented, time to get back to the grind,

P & L you amaze me, thrill me and test me every single day.  I love you both immensely and I am so, so proud of you.

Thanks for stopping by.
Lots of love, xx

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