Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sunny Sundays.

Today the fog lifted and by fog I mean Scarlet Fever.  Wow what an intense few days it has been in the Brookes household.  Lochlann has been poorly for over a week and slowly but surely we all started to succumb to illness too.  It has been quite a sorry state of affairs.

It all started last Friday when it seemed Lochlann had unfortunately picked up yet another sick bug but when it hadn't left him by the weekend we started to suspect Scarlet Fever as his nursery had emailed confirming cases of it over the past week.
I wasn't sure what to expect but soaring temperatures of 39.5, two very poorly children and in the end two rather sick parents was definitely not what I had anticipated. I fear the children in my class have probably forgotten what I look like as I only managed to work one day this week between Lochlann being ill, then me.
On Friday I was all ready to haul myself into work despite feeling terrible, it was assessment week and I had lots of loose ends to tie up before the end of term.  I was up dressed and ready to leave the house.  My aunt had come over early in the morning to take care of the children and Lochlann was slowly but surely on the mend.  I went to Posey's room to give her a cuddle and a kiss goodbye but was greeted with a very sad, swollen, red and puffy face.  Scarlet fever is a bitch!  I called work and explained and then rushed Posey off to the doctors to make sure she started a course of antibiotics straight away.  This illness has knocked us all off our feet and was not the start to the Easter holidays that I had hoped for!

In spite of all this doom and gloom this morning, I woke up to a beautiful blue sky and a daughter happily whispering,'good morning mama' in my ear.  We all sat and managed to cheerfully eat breakfast after our first dose of antibiotics of the day and Lochlann actually asked for seconds (which to be fair is normal Lochlann behaviour but the boy has barely eaten anything in over a week).
We still spent all morning at home pottering, cleaning and playing before sending the littles off to bed for a long, entirely necessary nap.  Whilst they napped, Sam insisted that I sit down, drink tea, eat toast and rest.  He's a damn good husband when he wants to be! Together we enjoyed the quiet drank our tea whilst it was hot and caught up on some reading (well I did Sam sat and grunted at his playstation whilst driving erratically and shooting people).

When the children woke up it was clear the long nap had done them the world of good and we decided to go out on a walk to feed the ducks.  It was another glorious day and I didn't want it to be wasted sat in the house willing the illness to go away.  Posey and Lochlann love to go for walks and its one of those rare times where they don't bicker... which of course I relish.

So off we went, hand in hand on our traditional walk down by the ship canal to find some ducks to feed.  It was the best idea we have had all weekend.  Lochlann loved searching the skies for areoplanes whilst Posey raced her Daddy and searched for the perfect stick to do her, 'work.'
We ambled along the path in the warm sunshine and chatted about future plans and our impending mini break to Ireland with Sam's family.  The littles loved it and so did we.

A memory I so don't want to forget is Lochlann shouting at the ducks to eat their food and eat it NOW! ... It was hilarious, bless him.

Now we are home and I have a Sunday lunch food baby in my belly, our littles are sound asleep and Sam is chilling on the sofa next to me.  I hope today signals the end of Scarlet fever in the Brookes house...

For any other mamas or dads out there reading this Scarlet Fever is highly contagious and seems to be spreading round the country like wild fire at the moment.  Lochlann's illness was actually asymptomatic according to the doctor because it took so long for his rashes and high temperatures to appear so be vigilant and do not be afraid to take your littles to the doctor.  It is what they are there for and it is peace of mind for you.
Signs to look out for are;

  • redness in the face/ cheeks - can look like sunburn 
  • a temperature
  • a rash spreading all over the body but in particular around the ears, under the arms and across the torso 
  • sickness/ vomiting
  • a red and white or spotty tongue. 
I am not a qualified medical professional so if you are concerned make sure you seek medical attention. 

Here's to happier and healthier days for us all to enjoy for the rest of our Easter holidays. 

Thanks for stopping by,
Lots of love.xx

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