Sunday, 2 April 2017

Child free date night.

A couple of weekends ago the littles stayed with Sam's parents overnight and we got some alone time for the first time since his birthday in November.  It was a simple evening just dinner and time together but needless to say it was much needed.
Us mothers and fathers love our children dearly and wouldn't alter the effects that these little beings have had on our lives but every now and then time to be just us, the boy and girl that met and fell in love just a few short years ago is entirely necessary.  You need time to be a couple to chat about things other than who's turn it is to get up with the children first or who's fault it was that we forgot to buy more milk.  You need time to see through the realities of full time working/ parenting/ married life and find the person that gave you those butterflies in your stomach at a busy bar in Didsbury on a chilly December evening. 

So after the dump and dash of our precious children in Stafford we hit the road and headed back home all the while deliberating on where to go and what to do.  A child free night, the possibilities are endless I hear you say.  Well yes I suppose they could have been but we are creatures of habit and decided that a Pizza Express in our local village and a couple of cocktails before heading home for a delicious night of uninterrupted... SLEEP would suit us perfectly - any parents dream right there! 

I so enjoyed having a little extra time to take over my makeup, even adding a red lip which rarely happens these days.  I felt nice in my £13 Primark number with heels and it was just so lovely to dress up for my husband who usually sees me sporting either work clothes, a big jumper or Harry Potter PJs! 

Over a candlelit dinner we chatted, smiled and devoured lots of yummy food.  A simple date but a bloody brilliant one.  It sounds silly but I had really missed my husband.  Life is just so busy at the moment and although we live in the same house sometimes we barely even have a minute to ask how eachother's days have been.  A marriage needs to be nurtured and I need to remember that.  I am his wife as well as their mother and I damn proud of both those job titles. 

I love my favourite three and I wouldn't be without them. 
Sam, you are often a pain in the arse but I bloody love you and our little date reminded me of just how brilliant you actually are. 💓

Sam I love you always, thank you for waiting for me, I only hope I was worth it.  
P & L if you are reading this I know you'll be cringing at your mother gushing over your father but sometimes he does deserve it...honest! 

Thanks for stopping by, 
Lots of love. xx

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