Thursday, 6 April 2017

My Two #3

Confessions of a full time working mother... I haven't kept up with this post nearly as much as I had hoped but I am still going to do it as and when I can.

# 1
Recently Posey has become quite obsessed with all things Disney Princesses! She is literally in love with Beauty and the Beast which I am so pleased about because it has always been my favourite Disney film,  If you read my post about going to the cinema recently then you'll know this already! Posey will request to watch the film two and three times a day,  It is the sweetest thing catching her acting out scenes from the film or singing the lyrics to Tale as old as time or the song about Gaston.  It does however slightly concern me that her favourite character isn't Beast, or Mrs Potts or even Belle.  It's Gaston!  I fear this may be her first bad boy crush! LOL! 
Another thing I really love about Posey at the moment is how passionate she is about so many different things; Beauty and the Beast, acting out, 'hi guys' videos as she call them (where she reenacts kids videos she has watched on YouTube), cooking up a storm in her kitchen, making people cards and playing football with her daddy.  We recently went to Heaton Park in Manchester for a couple of hours in the fresh air.  She requested we take a ball and spent most of the time running in the fields and dribbling the ball, quite well actually.  A girl of many talents, my girl.  I honestly believe this one is destined for pretty great things! You can tell our Little P is poorly in the photo below but that blue ice-cream excited her so much you wouldn't believe and I have got to remember the huge smile on her face when she saw it.  I'll think back to it when I am older and far more grey than I am now.  That ice-cream was the first thing she managed to finish eating all day! It totally soothed her sore tongue and throat! 

 # 2
My little Lolo.  He sure is a mama's boy at the moment and I adore it.  He is so sweet and cuddly which has of course only intensified whilst he has been so poorly.  He has literally been attached to my hip but I am savoring every moment because I have seen him grow up so much recently that I know he isn't my baby boy anymore.  In fact he will shout at you if you even mutter the word, 'baby,'
'I am a big boy mama' he says.  
I am still marvelling at how much his imagination has sparked recently and if I remember rightly that is what I wrote about in my last post about my two.  But it is true, his imagination amazes me at the moment.  His current obsession with firefighters and aeroplanes means we have watched ALOT of the Disney Pixar Planes 2 and his favourite bed time story at the minute is a made up story by his daddy called, 'Fireman Lochlann.'  It is so lovely to hear the sheer excitement in his voice when he asks for daddy to tell him the fireman story at bedtime. 'Please Daddy, one last time!'
He is such a caring little soul too.  Whenever he asks for a drink or somethings else (usually an apple or a biscuit) he will always say, 'and one for Popo too mama!'  Apart from when he is fighting with her over a toy you can see just how devoted he is to his big sister.  He adores her and always wants to look after her, letting me know if she is sad or if she needs something.  I really hope this is a sign of just how thoughtful he will be when he is older.  I think it is, despite his little temper he is a gentle, kind soul.  I am so proud of my curly haired boy. 

So there we are, another short post about my two favourite littles and what I am loving about them at the moment.  I cannot wait for P & L to look back on these in the future. 

Posey and Lochlann if you are reading these I hope you enjoy hearing about all your little interests and obsessions and that you don't find your mother's ramblings too cringy.  You two light up my world and give me purpose.  I love you both to the moon and back again (and as Posey currently says) and I'll still love you in the morning when the sun comes up! 

Thanks for stopping by, 
Lots of love. xx

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