Sunday, 17 December 2017

A festive delight.

This weekend was a pretty glorious one.  We FINALLY broke up from school after what felt like a mammoth term and it was the start of three whole weeks off, together as a family!  Being in Abu Dhabi for Christmas we made the decision to seek out as many festive activities as possible.  I had heard lots of great things about an event over in the city at Galleria Mall, Al Maryah island so we headed over and I am so glad that we did.

My lovely hubby... not quite sure how I bagged him!

We arrived before the event began (woo, go us!) We strolled round the mall, most of which is most defiantly out of our price range but beautiful nonetheless.  Shortly after we headed outside and were greeted by a huge Christmas tree and snow! Ok, so it was fake snow but if it is good enough for my kids it is good enough for me. P and L's faces literally lit up with excitement, it was the cutest thing.  There were little wooden huts lining the walk way and lots of spirited little elves waiting to wish you, 'happy holiday.'
There were lots of different activities the children could enjoy and some performances to watch including carol singers and ballet dancers.  Lots of the activities did cost money (between 10-20 dirhams) but we didn't feel like we were being cheated.

Santa tees from Birdies and Bearcubs on Instagram. 
Without a shadow of a doubt our most favourite activity was playing in the snow.  As we were early, we got the whole area to ourselves for a lot of the time and even managed to have a snow ball fight with an elf!  The littles were literally in their element running around, throwing snow and pretending to build a snowman.  It was such a surreal moment watching them giggling in the snow (albeit fake snow) with the sun beating down on us and them in shorts and a tshirt!   It was one of those moments where you try really hard to make sure you remember it.  Does anyone else do that? Stand in a moment in time, realise how special it is and then try really hard to make it stick in your mind forever?  I don't know if I am the only one that does that but I really hope that memory of my hubby and my two littles playing in the snow when we lived in Abu Dhabi, lasts a lifetime.

After playing in the snow we cooled down at Costa Coffee where the children enjoyed strawberry smoothies and Sam and I treated ourselves to a festive drink called a Frostino.  It was delicious.  The rest of the afternoon was spent decorating gingerbread christmas trees, getting faces painted and making baubles for our tree.  It really was the perfect festive family outing.  If you are spending Christmas in the land of sand pop down to Galleria mall, it really was a festive treat.

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Holly x

Posey became an ice princess for the afternoon.

Posey and Daddy thought it was hilarious pretending to be chilly in the snow.

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