Saturday, 23 December 2017

The ramblings of an expat... at Christmas.

I have an idea... It may be a rubbish idea but I thought I would begin a series of posts with my thoughts and views on life away from home.  The expat life as it's lovingly referred to.  I hope that this series will give a good insight into life for a family that lives abroad.  I intend for each post to be fairly short and sweet so that I can keep up with them.  I love writing and find it especially therapeutic when there is something on my mind.  So here goes...

Generally, life is pretty good considering we have only lived out here for 4 months.  The weather has cooled recently which means it is acceptable to pull out my trusty jeans and converse yet we are still able to go swimming every single day if we so wish! I mean how cool is that for a family used to windy and wet winters in England?! We set this move as a goal for us to achieve last New Year! Sometimes I still can't actually believe we did it.

Although I am so proud of us for moving out here every now and again homesickness bitch slaps me hard. Yesterday proved to be difficult, (I do think it was partly down to yet another bad cold).  The run up to Christmas has still been lovely because I am with my three favourite people.  Posey and Lochlann are really beginning to understand what Christmas is all about and their excitement is infectious. But yesterday I just wanted to go home.  I wanted to watch the littles playing with members of their family.  I wanted to be dashing around the supermarkets hunting for the last bag of brussel sprouts.   I missed wishing every person you meet in the shops a merry Christmas.  It is easy to read my blog posts or look at my Instagram captions and assume that life is sweet twenty- four seven  but truth be told I shed more than a tear yesterday.

Today I have woke up feeling far better (I think my bad cold had a lot to answer for yesterday).  I still miss home don't get me wrong but I woke up to two little people jumping with excitement as tomorrow is Christmas eve.  Whilst I sit and type this, they are devouring the snowman cakes we baked together and we are getting ready to visit a Christmas market.

Will Christmas be the same? No of course it won't but Sam and I are determined to make it one to remember!

If you are with your family this year, enjoy it, savour the moments (even the little rows) and make sure to tell them you love them.  And with that, Merry Christmas to our family, we love and miss you all.  Here's to summer 2018 when we are all reunited and we can ditch the kids with you! 😉

Thanks for stopping by & a Merry Christmas.
Lots of love,


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