Friday, 17 November 2017

5 things I love about living in the desert.

We've been living in the Abu Dhabi for three months now so I think it is time I wrote down some things that I have been really loving about living in the UAE...

#1 The Sunshine.

I am not going to lie to you I have always been an Autumn and Winter kinda girl. When Spring and Summer roll around I find qualities in them that I love. However, nothing compares to the cosy excitement when the leaves start changing and the air becomes crisper.  So when my close friends and family heard about our move to the land of the sand they were ever so slightly surprised.  Waking up to glorious sunshine on a daily basis is such a treat though and it makes me feel so lucky.  Don't get me wrong when we first came out here in August it was HOT! But now we have acclimatized and enjoy evenings on the balcony in a cool 28 degrees.  The sunsets here are unreal too!  I am off on a desert safari later so expect a blog post and some photos from that some.

#2 Leisure time. 

The weekends here are pretty amazing.  We get to do so much more together here as a family which is just great.  Whether its time to go and treat the children to some lunch,  a new book or simply having the extra pennies (or in our case dirhams) to order a take out.  Small things like that actually make a big difference.  It means we have more time to just enjoy being together without worrying so much about money.  We also have access to two pools and a number of different parks where we live so have managed a couple of evening swims after school which is just amazing.  Evenings at home consisted of the rush hour traffic, the rush to get the littles to bed and then that irritating mum guilt for not having enough quality time with my babies.  I am not saying we get to do all of these lovely things all the time because we don't.  Teaching is hard work and demands a lot of our time but when we do get time off its bloomin' brilliant.  

#3 New friends. 

I honestly can't tell you how lovely and supportive people have been since we moved here.  I have literally made some life long friends. Not sure if any of them read this but if they do - Becka, Sophie and Leoni I am looking at you!  When you get here, people tell you so many stories of their expat journey and all of their highs and lows.  People know all too well what you are going through and just want to help!  So many have helped us whether it was a useful piece of advice, some directions, some kind words, getting their friend to drop off sickness medicine for your children or bringing a vanilla latte up to your classroom 😭.  There is a sense of community amongst people here and that is lovely. Special mention to my friend Becka here (who also happens to be P's teacher.  Becka has literally been our rock and is now basically considered part of the family. 

#4 Chai Lattes

So a totally super superficial thing but you know a little more cash in the back pocket means a few more trips to Starbucks.  A few times the husband has surprised me by bringing a Starbucks latte home for me and Chai just happens to be my new favourite.  Yes I am so late to the party but I don't really care.  Side note - the fact that Christmas cups are still available here makes me a very happy gal. 

#5 Posey & Lochlann, friends for life. 

Moving out here has made the bond between these two even stronger and that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  They totally still argue like cat and dog but I have noticed how protective they are over one another and slowly but surely they are getting better at sharing with one another.  They share a room here and as much as I worry about them going to sleep on time I really love listening to them giggle and play with one another when I settle them into bed for the night.  When they giggle I have that little moment where I think, 'wow, we made those two little people in there!' 

And there we have it. Five reasons why I love our Abu Dhabi life.  It has been emotional but overall, life as a family, is pretty good. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Lots of love, 

Holly x

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