Thursday, 16 November 2017

My Two #6

As I write this post I am sat with the air conditioning on, a Bath and Bodyworks candle lit and Christmas songs playing.  I may live in the desert now but I am determined to enjoy the run up to Christmas.

I decided that my next blog post should be an update about the two littlest people in my life because they are the reason I started this blog after all. So without any further delay here are a few words about my littles.


Miss Posey Margaret Ivy our little school goer.  I still cannot believe she is in school.  It is only FS1 which is nursery nevertheless she is attending school full time and looks adorable in her little uniform.  We are really proud of how she has started her school life. She bounces into class daily, she loves her teacher and has made some lovely little friends.  We have a class dojo app which is great as it means we get a little insight into how she is doing every day and it is so lovely to see her confidence and her feisty little personality developing.  She was totally ready for school and is relishing all the opportunities it is giving her.   On a Sunday she swims at school which she absolutely loves.  Her confidence is growing in the water and she will soon be swimming like a fish.   She continues to assert her own independence wherever she can and even tries to shut me out of the public toilets when she needs a wee!  I find myself having to reason with her about the fact she may lock herself in nearly every time! LOL #mumprobs
She really is becoming my mini best friend though and my one of my favourite things about living out here is the fact I have the opportunity to drop her into her class everyday, watch her skip in happily and then collect her at home time and listen to her stories of the day.

In Dubai Mall on our first visit there... we loved it! 


Now onto that curly haired wonder of ours.  Lochlann is settling slowly and that fact that is nursery has it's own soft play and a mini road with toys cars that he can zoom around on, has absolutely helped!  He still enjoys his own company in nursery a lot of the time but that doesn't worry me too much.  I know my boy, he takes his time and does things when he is comfortable.  Plus he has a play mate at home in his big sister.  With his 3rd birthday looming we have introduced the idea of potty training... Again.  We made a special trip to Ikea for a potty (jokes we are there every bloomin' weekend at the moment).
He is super proud of his potty and will sit on it but is more interested in the convenience of a nappy!  Once the holidays arrive we will have three weeks to crack it so I'll be whacking out a sticker chart and keeping my fingers crossed.  P was quite easy to potty train, so any tips on training a boy would be gratefully received.
One thing that has really stood out about this boy for me most recently has been his kindness.  Sam has this thing where he races Lochlann into nursery at drop off in an attempt to overcome any tears or meltdowns.  This week it was Sam's birthday and Lochlann said, 'its ok daddy you can win today because it is your birthday!' CUTE.

Being a boy mama has been such a pleasant surprise, I love how cuddly and sweet he is.

Sibling kisses showcasing the outfits they choose. 

I am counting down the days to our winter break now.  I cannot wait to soak up the spirit of Christmas and spend some quality time as a family, especially as this is our first run up to Christmas in a different country.  I am desperate to put my tree up and P and L keep asking if Santa is on his way yet!  What are you excited for this Christmas?

Ikea cuddles whilst waiting for a hot dog.  Too cute not to share. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Lots of love,

Holly x

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