Sunday, 5 March 2017

My Two #2

This week I feel as though I have barely seen P & L.  Work life has been hectic and the weekend is literally flying by! Still, there are small, ordinary things that I would like to remember.

This week P has been so sweet and kind towards her brother.  Of course they still argue over toys and things but I won't ever tire of hearing her say, 'whats wrong Lochlann, sweetheart?'  She is wise beyond her years in so many ways and I really think you this is obvious when she is being motherly towards her brother.  Her favourite thing to do this week is play tea parties and put on a birthday party for her puppy.  I also introduced her to the delights of Britney Spears which she loved!

As for Lochlann, after a week away from nursery I nervously anticipated the Monday drop off expecting it to be pretty awful.  In actual fact he has done really well this week and has really enjoyed nursery.  He even asked if he could go this morning, which is a huge improvement for him!
Another thing which has literally made my heart swell is that he can now sing every word of, Twinkle twinkle little star and it is the sweetest thing you've ever heard. Lochlann's love for everything trains, cars and dinosaurs is still going strong but this week his favourite thing to do is to say, 'morning football' to his Daddy... which I have no clue where or how it began but they both find it hilarious!

Thanks for stopping by and as always P & L if you are reading this, mama loves you to the moon and back again.
Lots of love xx

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