Sunday, 26 February 2017

My Two.

So this is a post I have been inspired to do... it will hopefully allow me to record those small, ordinary things that happen on a weekly basis (hopefully if I can keep on top of it) where the littles make us proud or raise a smile with something that they say or do.  All my photos are currently taken on my phone so aren't anything spectacular but they are of my children and I hope that they will enjoy looking back at life when they were my littles. 

So without further ado... 


During half term it has been an absolute delight to spend time with this girl.  Little P absolutely loves singing and it has been so lovely to listen to her making up her own versions of songs or blasting out the classics like, ' All about the bass' and 'Shake it off!'  
I have been really proud of her listening skills over the last few days; there is definitely a progression in her understanding.  I can actually reason with her and she can see why doing something is the right idea.  She really is my best little girl-friend. 


 This little boy can finally jump! I mean like actually jump; both feet off the ground.  I know that sounds like such a silly thing to be proud of but trust me, the look of sheer pride on his face when he does it, would warm any heart.  I have also really loved listening to this little one playing with his toys.  His imagination has really sparked recently.  Although, most of his toys are generally under threat from a big fire, a dinosaur attack or a two minute time out! So funny. 

I have so loved just being mama and wife this week.  The quality time together was desperately needed and tremendously appreciated.  We have made some lovely memories that I will cherish. 

Posey and Lochlann, mama loves you to the moon and back again. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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