Monday, 20 February 2017

A Mini Midlands Adventure.

As I write this I should be cleaning our house and packing the essentials ready for our half term break to Wales but as my writer's block finally seems to have cleared, I thought I would take 5 minutes out to write a quick blog post to document our weekend. 

This weekend was the beginning of a long awaited half term for us and started with a trip down to Staffordshire (where the in-laws live) to celebrate the engagement of two very special friends.  Sam's parents said they would babysit and this gave Sam and I the opportunity to dress up, stay up past 11 and actually go out on a Friday night! It was so lovely to go out just the two of us and celebrate.  We ate some scrumptious food, drank a glass of wine or two and remembered what it was like to actually socialize with adults in an environment other than the workplace... Of course I forgot to take any photographs! 

On Saturday we woke up and decided to do something special with our two littles.  Lochlann has been in love with trains for a long while now and we have been planning on taking a train ride for ages but life has a nasty habit of getting in the way.  Saturday was the day we were going to make one little boy's dreams come true.  Posey was very excited too which was brilliant.  We ate breakfast, got dressed and headed off to Stafford train station.  The children were literally bouncing with excitement which was such a thrill to see.  Sam turned to me at one point and asked what was wrong, happy tears glistening in my eyes... I am such a sentimental idiot.  We headed to our platform and waited patiently for our train to arrive.  All the while P & L were discussing whether Gordon, Percy or Thomas would come to collect us.  At last we boarded the train and two little toddlers watched in amazement as we departed from the station and headed down the track.  I sat and wondered why we hadn't done this sooner, such a cheap yet thrilling adventure for the littles. It was such a happy moment.  When we arrived at the next station we said goodbye to the train and headed for lunch at a lovely little pub in Penkridge, though I forgot to take any photos of our delicious lunch and cannot remember the name of pub (bad blogger) I was too busy enjoying the moment and devouring a delicious pint of diet coke and a cream cheese and pesto faccocia.  Yum. 
When we finished lunch we took a leisurely stroll through the village and headed back to the station.  

A lovely collection of memories from our mini London Midland train ride. 

Best sign off now, lots of cleaning and packing to do before we go off on our next half term adventure. 

Thanks for stopping by. 
Lots of love. x


  1. Sounds like a really lovely weekend. I'm glad that you feel like writing again. I think sometimes it can be really easy to compare yourself to everyone else and forget why you started blogging in the first place, but if you still to writing about things you love and enjoy then that shines through your blog. Keep posting lovely xx

    1. I think that was exactly it Lauren... So many wonderful writers and blogs out there you can't help but worry yours won't compare. Thanks for your lovely comment xxx