Sunday, 22 January 2017

{The Ordinary Moments} #1

I have really enjoyed reading, 'The Ordinary Moments' posts from Katie Ellison over at and now I have finally started my own blog, I cannot wait to write my own.
 As I write this, my first ever blog post, our littlest is napping, Posey is having some quiet time and my hubby is playing on his playstation... an ordinary moment which remained me to pick up the laptop, be brave and write this post!

This week has involved ups and downs in our little family's life... Our littlest has been poorly which was of course the down, but the ups have involved our little miss settling into pre-school beautifully (how is she old enough to be in pre-school already?!) and our little Mr acing his two year check with the health visitor.

 After a pretty manic couple of days last weekend, Monday rolled around before anyone in the Brookes household was really ready for it. As I finally managed to haul my body out of bed I heard our littlest whimpering from his bed. I rushed in and there he was sat in a pool of sick, poor little guy.  The hubs took the day off work to take care of him and, as much as it broke my heart to leave him, Posey and I rushed out of the door and headed to pre-school and work. Poor Lochlann suffered all day and when he wasn't asleep he was crying for me. These are the days where I find being a working mother the hardest but I guess you gotta do what you've got to do. When I arrived home later Lochlann has perked up and we decided to take him to nusery the next day to see how he got on...
Tuesday rolled around and I lasted approximately 63 minutes in work before I received a call from the nursery to say I needed to come and collect Lochlann. To be fair, work were really supportive about it and once my class was covered I rushed out the door, full of mum guilt for sending him to nursery in the first place! When I got to the nursery Lochlann was curled up on the mini sofa, burning up and fast asleep. I felt awful, poor little thing. The rest of the day was spent snuggled on the sofa with my beautiful little boy fast asleep on my chest for most of the day. I felt so lucky to be able to just sit and cuddle him on the sofa, he is very much a 'boy' and we rarely get snuggle time.

On Wednesday, my auntie looked after Lochlann as he was feeling much better, his temperature was back to normal and his appetite was slowly coming back.  It was a run of the mill kind of day, teaching all day and then rushing home to the littles and my hubs.  By Wednesday, I was already more than ready for the weekend.

Thursday was another pretty usual day of the week for us.  We are lucky that my aunt has the littles every Thursday which means they get a lie in and we aren't quite as rushed as there is no nursery drop off to be done. I am on the go all day at work on a Thursday as my break duty is on a Thursday too but it was a good day... despite the pile of making increasing by the second (oh the joys of being a teacher eh).  By quarter to five I was determined to pack up and get home to Posey and Lochlann.
When I arrived home we snuggled, played and then did the usual bedtime routine.  Putting the children to bed has to be one of my most favourite parts of being a mama.  I love getting them all snuggled in bed and reading them a bed time story or three!  Favourite in our house at the minute is, 'We're going on a bear hunt.'  We watched it on Christmas Eve and the littles have requested it every night since! Once the littles were in bed, Sam and I went about our usual weeknight business, marking, planning and finding somewhere in between to eat dinner and actually have a conversation.  This Thursday night however, also involved me filling out of those, 'Two year check questionnaires.' Can our son string beads together on a piece of string? Can he walk up and down the stairs unaided? Does he know how to jump? Health visitor appointments always make me nervous, I am not sure why I let to that to me really, I am the only one that dreads them a little?   Don't get me wrong I know it is so important to check on our children and make sure they are where they are supposed to be developmentally but it I just worry that they are going to tell me I am parenting drastically wrong or something ridiculous like that!  Silly really but then I am your classic worrier.

Friday morning came and I througly enjoyed being able to spend time getting the littles ready and giving them breakfast before we headed out to Lochlann's two year check.  As we left I found myself praying that he would behave and show off everything he is capable of!   We sat patiently in the waiting room surrounded by elderly patients who were all besotted by our little boy telling his mama that she was cheeky!  We were called in after a while and although the lady did keep referring to Lochlann as, 'Logan' the appointment went without a hitch.  She said he is doing brilliantly and he vocabulary and understanding is fantastic for a little boy who has only just turned two! I was literally beaming and wondered what on earth I had been so worried about.  The health visitor did she say wanted to check on Lochlann's height and weight in 6 months time as he is on the 98 centile but I am not to worried about that, he does have a big appetite but is always on the move too so there is hardly anything on him.  He is just a solid boy, much like his daddy.  As we left the appointment I told Lochlann how proud I was of him and how happy he makes me and I made a promise to myself to do this more often.  Life is so hectic we often forget to do these things, but telling our children that they make us happy is so important, don't you think?

Saturday morning and hooray the weekend had arrived! Saturday's mean Ballerina Bears for our little miss and me whilst Sam and our littlest stay at home to relax and play.  I have to say taking Posey to ballet is something I look forward to all week.  A chance for it to be just be me and her.  I love watching her practice her plies and her, 'good toes and naughty toes.' It is just the sweetest thing.
After ballet we went to Costa with my mum to warm up over a hot chocolate and a smootie... bliss.

And there we are, that's it my first ever blog post written.  My first Ordinary Moments post of 2017... even though it's mid January. we've all got to start somewhere though haven't we,

Today is just a lazy day and I am so happy that I get to spend it with my three favourite people before the rush of the new week ensues.

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