Sunday, 25 March 2018

7 months in...

The wall of dreams at Yas Beach.

7 months in doesn't quite have the same ring to it as 6 months in but I have been one busy lady recently so, alas, it's now mid March and we are 7 months in!

7 months into living a 7 hour flight away from the UK. 7 months into working in a new school.  7 months into the littles settling into their new home.  7 months into apartment living and 7 months into living in the desert heat!

How do I feel about it now?

In the interest of being honest, it hasn't always been an easy move but then we never expected it to be.  We moved two small children away from their home comforts and we have all had to adapt to a very different culture.  There have been many ups and downs along the way.  They say it takes at least 12 months to feel settled and to think of this place as 'home'.
Having said that, there are so many positives here that sometimes I wonder how we will ever go back to England.

Highlights of the past 7 months include;

  • our marriage has survived!! Wahoooo!! 😂
  • settling into and beginning to enjoy a new workplace
  • watching P and L settle and thrive in their classes 
  • copious days enjoying the swimming pool
  • a yearly membership to the local waterpark (Yas water world which is 10 minutes away and fantastic for children). 
  • Trips to Dubai 
  • Our desert safari for Sam's 28th birthday
  • making new friends
  • watching Sam enjoy playing for the Saracens Rugby team (not going to lie I think it is rather hot watching him run around the pitch in his shorts!)
  • visits from Sam's sister Kate and my sister Sophie 
  • I got to see one of my best friends and her beautiful baby girl on a trip to the UAE for her 30th
  • trips to the beach for birthday parties 
  • watching Beauty in the Beast in the park, all sat together on a blanket munching treats whilst the sun set 
  • Sam cutting off all his hair (I am pretty much his no.1 fan at this point)
  • playing in fake snow at the Galleria Mall at Christmas time
  • Christmas Brunch at the Westin Abu Dhabi 
... the list goes on.   I could go on about the negatives that we have experienced (like me crying every time it bloody snows in England and we aren't there to enjoy it) but then, nobody really wants to hear me moan.  Those aren't the things I want my children and I to look back on either. 

In short, yes we get homesick quite often but the move out here was absolutely worth it.  Work is going well, the children are happy and my husband looks great with a tan! What more could I ask for?! 

We are very much looking forward to our holiday back to England in the summer.  There are lots of people that we miss terribly and I can't wait for everybody to see how much our two littles have grown.  I am so proud of my little family and despite everything, I am really proud of us for moving out here. 

I am now going to share some of my most favourite photos from our time here so far - most of which are just iPhone snaps...

Our first date night in Abu Dhabi

P and I at the Crowne Plaza on Yas Island

P and L enjoying an ice-lolly at Dubai Mall
Our first trip to Dubai

On the boat ride to watch the amazing fountain show at Dubai Mall
Our first ever time trick or treating.

When Sam plays the name game at Starbucks! 
When Posey won star of the week and got to take Popsy home.
My handsome husband on his birthday trip to the desert. 
Me feeling awkward around a camel... 
At the F1watching Mumford & Sons ... what a great night! 
P and L all ready for National Day celebrations
Christmas 2017 at the Westin Abu Dhabi 
Posey just generally being her usual self :) 
Our boy at Yas Gateway Park 
After our winter picnic at Yas Gateway Park 
and then she turned four. 
And he turned three...
When my beautiful friend and her family visited during their stay in the UAE for her 30th.

Mother's Day celebrations at Lochlann's nursery.

A special moment with my boy and I whilst waiting for Daddy to bring the coffees. 
When Auntie Katey came to visit.
When Auntie Sophie popped in for 3 hours on route to Nepal. 

One of my most favourite things about Abu Dhabi... the sunsets. 
Our littles on a recent visit to Jumeriah.

If you have reached this point you are an absolute legend because I included FAR too many photos! Thank you for reading, I am sorry my posts never follow a pattern or schedule, I'll get there one day... maybe! 😊

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