Monday, 12 February 2018

My Two #7

My first, 'my two' post of 2018.  I am still striving to be more consistent with my blog but, as I am sure anyone who reads my blog understands, the pressures of a full time job and being a mama to two small children.

We entered this new year with a 4 year old Posey and a 3 year old Lochlann.  It is so strange to me that we are leaving the baby and toddler years behind with these two.  I feel like I have been a mother to babies for such a long time with them being so close together.  They were so excited for their birthdays.  However Posey now walks around telling me how she is nearly five.  Why do children do this? Ha.  I remember doing it as a child.  If only we had the ability to savour our childhood when we are children.

Anyway, I digress...

Our biggest love, Posey Margaret Ivy.  Our sassy, bright and inquisitive little four year old.  She continues to love school and life in the sunshine but misses some of her family terribly.  Here in Abu Dhabi we are unable to use things like FaceTime and Skype meaning that talking to loved ones, back in the UK, is pretty impossible.  Unfortunately it affects our little P the most.  She's a brave one though.  If you ask her at the moment, her favourite friends in school are Eduardo and Isabella and she loves reading and writing her name.  She has definitely got into crafting and art of late.  She has a great imagination and is often drawing and creating pictures to give to family at home when we visit in the summer. One humorous yet tiring thing to note about P at the moment is that she often wakes in the night to tell me she is hungry and that she must have a snack.  I am thinking it is down to a growth spurt and that it won't last long!  She is very much into babies right now.  She is desperate for a little brother or sister, in fact she has put in a request for one of each (I am massively broody so I won't deny that I am pleased she would like more siblings).

One final thing to note about little miss P right now is how excited she gets when she goes to watch her daddy play rugby.  She beams with pride and gets all giddy.  It really is the sweetest thing.

Without a doubt the biggest thing to note about our littlest love, Lochlann Armstrong Samuel is that he is FINALLY toilet trained.  Can I get a hallelujah?!
We are so, so proud of him.  He has just turned three and in all honesty I was beginning to panic about this but we are there, he's done it.  In fairness he has actually done really well which goes to show you really just need to chill and they will do it in their own time, when they are ready.
I am not sure whether it is that he has turned three or what but I have noticed recently that he has become a little more stroppy and defiant at times.  The time out spot has remained pretty warm of late.  The term, 'threenager' has definitely sprung to mind once or twice.  Nothing we can't handle though.  His is such a funny little character, he often has Sam and I in stitches with his facial expressions and outlook on the world.  He is such a wind up merchant too, always winding his sister up!

He is continuing to do well at nursery and plays with the other children more and more.  This week we have had a little mid-term break but L has still been in nursery.  Instead of taking him in for seven on the dot we have had slowish mornings and dropped him off between eight and nine.  This has meant I have been able to see him happily skip off and play with a few lovely little children that are so happy to see him.  My mind has been put at ease now.  Yes this is a little boy that is happy in his own company which is great but now I am confident he has some little friends too! What more can a mama ask for eh?!

And there we have it, a little update and the two smallest and most special people in my life.

Quick question - we would love more littles but can't decide on the number of them.  If we wait another year or two for baby no.3 do you think stop there as I'll be 31/32 or go for baby no.4 too?!  I would love to hear your thoughts, especially if you are a mama to 3 or 4.

Thanks for reading,

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