Sunday, 20 May 2018

England awaits; our top 5 - can't - wait - for - list

It is pretty much mid-May and my mind is already on our trip home this summer. We are still loving the roller coaster that is this expat life but I can't deny that our trip home is coming up in conversation more and more.

We were sat around at lunch over the weekend discussing what we love most about living in Abu Dhabi and what we are excited about for our summer holidays.  It is clear that we all still really love the lifestyle of hitting the pool or beach each weekend and being able to spend more quality time together out here... the sunshine definitely appeals too (even though I am a total winter baby).

Having said all that, we are all very much ready for a trip home and here is what we are looking forward to most.


1. Seeing friends and family's faces, especially when they see how much P and L have grown and have learnt over the past year.
2.  Catch ups with some of my most favourite people.
3.  The greenery!  My goodness I miss the trees... get me on a forest walk pronto!
4.  The rain - I know, I shouldn't wish for rain especially in England but I'm hoping for a shower or two just for nostalgia's sake!
5.  Witnessing the marriages of some of our closest and oldest friends.


1. Seeing friends and family.
2.  Heading down to the local pub for a beer and a Sunday roast (on an actual Sunday without it costing about £11 per beer).
3.  The stag do for one of his best friends
4.  Hopefully some child free date time... with me obviously! 😂
5.  Asda pizza!

Posey & Lochlann:

1. Seeing their grandparents' new homes
2. Seeing all their aunties
3. Playing with their cousin Jude
4. Going to the caravan on holiday
5. Playing with Findley and Inca.

Posey also told me she's quite looking forward to going to Asda 😂 and is hoping to hit the toy isle!

I may also be looking forward to a trip to Primark or two!

There we have it. 8 weeks and counting...

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